Standby Power - Ninewells Hospital | Installed Solution

The Sterile Unit within Ninewells Hospital in Dundee provides an economical source of basic sterile consumables used within the hospital. They also clean and sterilise reusable instruments and equipment used in theatres and labs. Given the nature and importance of the department a Standby Generator is essential in providing power to the unit should the mains utility supply fail. The existing Generator was installed late 80`s and gave good service throughout until the engine developed a fault in the crankcase which when diagnosed and remedial costs submitted, it was un-economical to repair. Westfield won the tender process to supply and install a new 400Kva generator. The Caterpillar C13 with its superior load acceptance an economical running cost will provide good service for many more years to come. Specified with a DEFRA compliant base tank the new machine meets all current environmental legislation. All the existing switchgear and controls were in good order and suitable for reuse.

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