Standby Power - Astley Ainslie Hospital | Installed Solution

The Astley Ainslie Hospital Morningside Edinburgh specialises in post-acute care and rehabilitation medicine services for patients with conditions such as stroke, cardiac disease and brain injury. The new South East Mobility and Rehabilitation Technology Services (SMART) Centre opened at the Astley Ainslie in 2006, providing a wide range of rehabilitation technology services for the South East of Scotland. Over the years the electrical load on the hospital has increased to a point where the South Substation Generator could not cope. The 1970`s Dawson Keith Rolls Royce / Newage 125 kva automatic standby to mains generator  and fuel storage tank was replaced by a new Caterpillar C15 500 kva prime power Generator complete with a new fully compliant 7,000 litre Bunded Fuel Storage Tank. A new Automatic 800 Amp Changeover Panel was installed in the switchroom to replace the ageing system incorporated in the switchboard. The new Genset was rated in line with the mains supply, this was possible due to the superior load acceptance (100%) of the Caterpillar Generator. In the past years 4 electrical dropout contactors were fitted at various buildings within the hospital set to dropout on mains failure therefore reducing the load on the previous generator, these contactors can now be removed and the occupants of the building can now benefit from a constant electricity supply whether it is from mains or generator. Since the generator is in a remote location within the grounds of the hospital a communication package was fitted to the machine which constantly monitors and via GSM sends a text to up to four phone numbers should the machine start and run or a system fault occurs.

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