Standby Power - Lochluichart Estate | Installed Solution

Lochluichart Estate is located in the remote Highlands of Scotland, where even in 2014 some locals still do not have grid power. The London based owner wanted to ensure that after a long commute from London, regardless of continuity of grid supply the lights would be on when he got home. He chose to contact his local Finning / Caterpillar dealer knowing he would be buying a reliable quality product. Westfield Generators then delivered a standby power solution to meet his requirements, 1 month ahead of program. The 110 Kva Standby Generator was chosen to provide standby supply to both the main Lodge and the Butchery - Cold Store. Two Changeover panels were used, a three phase ATI250 for the Lodge and a single phase CTI125 for the Butchery, each panel will start the generator in event of a total mains failure, and both buildings would be supplied during a total utility failure. A long run fuel tank was free issued by the customer and installed by Westfield. Westfield Generators Ltd won the term maintenance contract for the equipment at Lochluichart, including maintenance visits and 24 hour response. The generator was fitted with an exercise timer which starts and runs the generator every Monday morning at 10.00am, the customer carries out routine weekly checks i.e. fuel oil and coolant levels. Westfield attend twice per annum, 1 minor visit in May and a major service and health check in November ensures the machine is good for the long Scottish winter when the roads can occasionally be inaccessible.

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