Generator Sales

Westfield Generators have over thirty years of experience in delivering standby and prime power diesel generation solutions to customers who include small farms and telecoms repeater stations to large hospitals where continuous power is critical. This means that you can be confident that we have the skills, experience and ability to meet your specific requirements at a budget suitable for your application. With our experience and the support of a world class manufacturer you will have complete peace of mind that your installation is of the highest quality and, by taking advantage of our maintenance service, that your system will start first time, every time.

Our customers tell us that they need a supplier who:

  • can respond quickly to queries
  • is easy to do business with
  • is local to me
  • offers a reputable brand
  • will provide technical support to solve any queries I have
  • can deliver product when I need it
  • offers a competitive package

In order to ensure that our customers receive the optimum combination of installed cost and long-term cost of ownership our engineers will, in conjunction with you, ensure that the machine is correctly rated for its intended purpose. It is especially important to understand the specific application in detail, as this will help in selecting the proper rating. Specifically, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • What is the average load requirement?
  • What is the maximum required load?
  • What is the typical load variation?
  • How many hours per year will the generator set typically run?
  • Will the generator sets be run isolated from or in parallel with the utility?
  • What are my maintenance and contingency plans during an extended outage?

Knowing the specifics of the application is important because in many circumstances, the same engine iron can qualify for different ratings. This can sometimes cause confusion with certain project specifications, which may call for multiple ratings. For example, a spec sheet could say: “Generator shall be rated 2 MW Standby, 1825 kW Prime”. In this case, the engine is the same, but the same product cannot be applied in both application types. This statement is misleading, because the ratings should state specifically what the intended application of the equipment is – is it Standby or Prime?

Westfield Generators offer a portfolio of generator set ratings designed to provide coverage from general to special-purpose applications to maximize owner value. Regardless of the application, generator set ratings help to ensure that customers’ power needs are met and that generating equipment is protected from premature wear.

In order to protect your investment Westfield Generators offers the complete maintenance approach which will cover all aspects of the generator installation, including the engine, alternator, control system, fuel system, coolant system, exhaust system, and changeover systems. Our maintenance packages ensure reliability irrespective of the size or complexity of the generator installation. Maintenance agreements can be tailored to suit the individual application and requirements of the total system.

Unlike most power infrastructure, standby generators do not run constantly and are only called upon to support critical equipment when a utility power failure occurs. Westfield Generators, having over 30 years of experience in the standby generator market have fine-tuned the maintenance requirements to produce the correct package at the right cost to ensure the customers critical equipment will supply power when there is an outage.

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