Case Studies

Westfield Generators have installed and continue to maintain generators across Scotland by a diverse field of consumers, all of which are in need of critical power – whether that be for emergency use in the event of a power outage or for power where there is no grid coverage. Whatever the cause, Westfield has been able to provide a system tailored to their needs to provide you with secure power and on-going maintenance regimes in place to provide reliability and peace of mind for the end user.

Prime Power - William Thompson & Sons Dumbarton | Installed Solution

When William Thompson & Son decided to build one of the largest recycling plants in the country it was quickly realised there was not enough spare utility power capacity on site, extra power needed would have to be generated on site. The plant manufacturers and Thompson`s calculated an extra 500 kva would be needed to run the plant, Westfield Generators became involved to provide a reliable power solution to power the industry leading technologically advanced recycling plant. The Plant is one of the largest of its kind in the UK and has the highest specification due to the latest patented […]

Standby Power - Ninewells Hospital | Installed Solution

The Sterile Unit within Ninewells Hospital in Dundee provides an economical source of basic sterile consumables used within the hospital. They also clean and sterilise reusable instruments and equipment used in theatres and labs. Given the nature and importance of the department a Standby Generator is essential in providing power to the unit should the mains utility supply fail. The existing Generator was installed late 80`s and gave good service throughout until the engine developed a fault in the crankcase which when diagnosed and remedial costs submitted, it was un-economical to repair. Westfield won the tender process to supply and […]

Standby Power - Lochluichart Estate | Installed Solution

Lochluichart Estate is located in the remote Highlands of Scotland, where even in 2014 some locals still do not have grid power. The London based owner wanted to ensure that after a long commute from London, regardless of continuity of grid supply the lights would be on when he got home. He chose to contact his local Finning / Caterpillar dealer knowing he would be buying a reliable quality product. Westfield Generators then delivered a standby power solution to meet his requirements, 1 month ahead of program. The 110 Kva Standby Generator was chosen to provide standby supply to both […]

Standby Power - Astley Ainslie Hospital | Installed Solution

The Astley Ainslie Hospital Morningside Edinburgh specialises in post-acute care and rehabilitation medicine services for patients with conditions such as stroke, cardiac disease and brain injury. The new South East Mobility and Rehabilitation Technology Services (SMART) Centre opened at the Astley Ainslie in 2006, providing a wide range of rehabilitation technology services for the South East of Scotland. Over the years the electrical load on the hospital has increased to a point where the South Substation Generator could not cope. The 1970`s Dawson Keith Rolls Royce / Newage 125 kva automatic standby to mains generator  and fuel storage tank was […]

Shore Power - MFV Sunbeam | Installed Solution

When Scottish fishing vessel, MFV Sunbeam skipper James Duthie carried out a running cost analysis he contacted Westfield Generators to discuss the feasibility of running a small independent generator to cut fuel and maintenance costs aboard the Sunbeam. Due to Government Legislation the vessel lies tied up for long periods, in a semi layup state when only bilge pumps, heating and critical systems require power. With Shore Power of 440 Volts (60 Hz) a rare commodity in Fraserburgh, the only viable option is to produce your own power. The Sunbeam’s harbour set is rated for a working vessel when tied […]