Load Bank

Why Load Bank?

If, during normal runtime of the generator, the engine temperature is too low to make a complete seal around the cylinder, then unburnt diesel can escape the cylinders and line the exhaust pipes. This becomes a fire hazard as when the generator does work at full capacity, a higher temperature can be enough to ignite the unburnt diesel in the exhausts. To prevent this, the system must be exercised to full capacity periodically in order to burn all the fuel that has accumulated in the exhaust pipes safely.

How do I know if I need to load test my generator?

If the generator operates above 30% of its kW rating capacity for more than 30 minutes per month, then there is no need for a load test. If it does not, we recommend it should be tested once a year to prevent damage and the risk of fire.

The Load Bank Process

During the test, the generator is tested at 25%, 50%, 75% and then 100% capacity, each for 30 minutes. It is then allowed to cool for 30 minutes. These exercises test how the generator operates under different conditions and gets rid of unburnt diesel residue that may line the exhaust at the same.


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