Westfield Generators specialize in routine preventative maintenance of all generator sets and associated equipment fuel systems, starting systems, control systems and distribution. We have standard routine maintenance agreements or we can tailor a plan to suit your needs. A standby generator system requires a set amount of preventative maintenance to ensure reliable operation, we would look at what maintenance tasks the customer is happy to do himself then we would do the remaining tasks, this approach would save the customer money over the term, or we can provide a fully comprehensive maintenance plan where Westfield would carry out all routine running checks and preventative maintenance.

Standby Generator Maintenance is important to ensure your machine is going to perform correctly should the utility supply fail, a standby generator in unlike other equipment such as a boiler or compressor a standby generator does not normally run therefor if it develops a problem you would not know about it, that`s why Westfield have invested in the latest battery testing equipment. We consider the starting battery as one of the most important components of the standby generator set, when the lights go out and battery does not start the gen-set then the machine is useless.

Our Service Co-Ordinator would be happy to talk to you and propose a maintenance agreement which suits your equipment and budget. We run fully stocked service vehicles and our engineers are fully trained in generator maintenance tasks and procedures.

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