Prime Power - William Thompson & Sons Dumbarton | Installed Solution

When William Thompson & Son decided to build one of the largest recycling plants in the country it was quickly realised there was not enough spare utility power capacity on site, extra power needed would have to be generated on site. The plant manufacturers and Thompson`s calculated an extra 500 kva would be needed to run the plant, Westfield Generators became involved to provide a reliable power solution to power the industry leading technologically advanced recycling plant. The Plant is one of the largest of its kind in the UK and has the highest specification due to the latest patented technology. The Plant will recycle all incoming and existing inert waste at Riggangower Landfill site into 5 different aggregate sizes and 2 grades of sand. It has a through put of 120 tonnes per hour and Silts will be handled via a filter press thereby avoiding the need for settlement ponds. Also, graded topsoil and subsoils will be created as part of the waste selection process of the plant. The Cat C15 500 Kva generator was supplied and installed alongside a 10,000 litre Bulk Fuel Tank which is connected to the generator with a fully compliant double skinned fuel pipe system. The tank is also fitted with a fuel dispensing system used to fill the fuel tanks of mobile machinery used in the operation of the plant. The generator is fitted with battery charging and engine heaters to ensure prompt starting and reduce engine wear. The machine is remotely controlled from the Plant Control Room.

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