Shore Power - MFV Sunbeam | Installed Solution

When Scottish fishing vessel, MFV Sunbeam skipper James Duthie carried out a running cost analysis he contacted Westfield Generators to discuss the feasibility of running a small independent generator to cut fuel and maintenance costs aboard the Sunbeam. Due to Government Legislation the vessel lies tied up for long periods, in a semi layup state when only bilge pumps, heating and critical systems require power. With Shore Power of 440 Volts (60 Hz) a rare commodity in Fraserburgh, the only viable option is to produce your own power. The Sunbeam's harbour set is rated for a working vessel when tied upĀ in port with a full complement of crew, however when laid up for long periods, the harbour was running with very little load, burning a lot of fuel and with short service intervals (250hrs) expensive to maintain. The new Shore Power Genset was rated in line with power requirements with the ship being tied up for prolonged periods, connection to the ship was via the onboard shore power cable feeding onto the ship switchboard, which proved simple. The generator was supplied with its own fuel tank therefore not needing to break into the ships fuel system. The genset fuel consumption at 1680 l/wk is 50% of the consumption of the ships harbour genset and with Service Intervals at 500hrs even more money saved.

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